QUESTION: How do I download files? Why is there a homepage link and download link?

ANSWER: There are usually two links under the software listing. The home page is a link to the software creator's home page. Visiting the author's page allows you to get more information on the software and see if it is suitable to your needs. The download link starts the actual file download. The "save as" box comes up in Windows and you decide where you will save the file. Note where the file is being saved. After installation, this file can usually be deleted. The most common files downloaded are .exe .zip and .msi. These are the three letter extentions after the file name. exe files you simply double click to begin installation. zip files are a bunch of files that have been compressed. You must unzip (uncompress) them. Windows XP has this built in. If you have an earlier version of Windows you can get an unzip program on This page. After you uncompress them there is usually an install or setup file you need to double click and begin installation. Some programs are ready to go after you unzip them. Just create a Windows shortcut to the program. The msi files are Windows installer files and will install when clicked if you have Windows XP and most earlier versions.

QUESTION: Does Only freeware have a search?

ANSWER: Well, indirectly. To search Only Freeware, go to, click advanced search. Enter your search terms and in the box that says "Domain" enter "". Any pages google has failed to index will not be included in the search but they seem to include all the pages.

QUESTION: How do I submit a file?

ANSWER: Just send an email to with your home page URL, download URL and short description of the program (two sentences).

QUESTION: What if I find shareware instead of freeware? Why would shareware be listed?

ANSWER: If you find any shareware, send an email to and the shareware will be removed. The most common reason (there are many reasons) for shareware being listed is that it was a program that was freeware when listed and then changed to shareware (often when it becomes popular).

QUESTION: Do any of these programs contain spyware or viruses?

ANSWER: It's unlikely any programs contain viruses but since the programs do not reside on my server, even if I test them and find them to be virus free, they could be altered afterward. So, always virus scan anything you download. Spyware is complicated. It's harder to test for and not everyone has the same idea of what spyware is. If you believe a program contains spyware, send an email to for removal of the listing. At Privacy software you'll find various spyware removal tools and firewalls.

QUESTION: Why does your website have so few graphics?

ANSWER: Not everyone is on broadband. Dial-up users appreciate the fast loading, text only pages. Both Google and Yahoo take this approach and I believe it is a factor in their popularity.

QUESTION: Do you write the software descriptions?

ANSWER: Sometimes. Most of the time it is written by the software maker. I try to remove some of the hype but just remember the descriptions are not generally written by me.


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