Free Email addresses.

There are different types of free email. Some are web based and others are POP
accounts. You can access the web type from anywhere. The POP ones require
you to bring your own internet access. Most make their money displaying ads
in some manner.

Web based


A web based free email account.

Yahoo mail

You know, the search engine guys.


With this you get to pick your email address.

Visto briefcase

Not only mail with this one but also 3 megs of free internet storage space. For files, email, address book, calendar, and bookmarks! - updated oct 25

Zap Zone

Web email service.


A email address for sports fans. - added May 15 '99

Free web mail.

Search the World

Free web based email. - added Sep 8 '05

POP accounts


Another POP mail.

MyPad - added April 1 '99


Also includes voicemail. - added April 1 '99


Choice of several domain names. - added Aug 31 '99

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Free Email addresses.