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A superb earth and sky simulator. (7.2MB)



An excellent planetarium program. Has the 110 object Messier catalog. A large star database can be downloaded from his homepage to add to it. Lots of nice features including star colors. Very nice. With ASCOM telescope control. (753KB)

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An excellent planetarium program. Not a demo. Leaves out only the files that would make the download unbearable (large star database, pictures and movies). Newly released version 6. (12MB)

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A nice planetarium program. Author continues to upgrade and expand it. Shows the sun, moon, planets and stars to 16th magnitude (with additional star catalogs). Also, some comets, asteroids and deep sky objects. For advanced astronomers, this and Cartes du Ciel (below) are probably the best. (3MB + databases)

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Sky charts is primarily for printing out skycharts for observing rather than a strict planetarium program. There are many additional catalogs at the sky chart homepage for downloading and expanding it's functionality. After you download all the catalogs, this program produces incredible star charts. Printing them is fantastic and can be used at the telescope. Only real drawback, besides the high price of ink cartridges, is that computers don't label charts as well as people (at least we're still better at something). This is probably the best program for the serious amateur, particularly if you download all the add-ons available for it (preferably with a broadband modem). You can even download the Hubble guide star catalog to produce 14th magnitude charts with this program. I've downloaded the 6 gigabyte USNO star catalog (16th magnitude). Not too bad with DSL modem. That's alot of stars. (3.5MB)

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Spica is astronomical software for those who wish to prepare their nightly observations and better understand what happens in the sky. (1.3MB)



Planetarium program that allows the creation of different types of sky maps in which practically any element is customizable. Calculation of the positions of Jupiter and Saturn satellites. Moon calendar and feature locator. A solar system orrery. An observing list manager. Maintain a database of celestial objects images, with direct download from Internet. An artificial satellite visibility predictor. The visibility graph, to check the optimum time for observing an object. More star catalogs to expand program are available for download. (3.2MB)

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Stellarium renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time. With stellarium, you really see what you can see with your eyes, binoculars or a small telescope. (5.9MB)

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SkyORB'03 computes sun, moon and majors planets and theirs majors satellites rise and set times, positions from any place in the world, and from any planet (like Mars), renders local sky using HYG Database in real time and constellation charts and stars names,nebulas, comets and asteroids from IAU Minor Planet Center database. Very fast, you can change view direction in real-time even with 30,000 stars rendered at once. A 3D realtime rendering view from space with the majors planets. Solar/lunar eclipses, solstices and equinoxes days can be computed, and a sun clock is also available. A large database, user editable in XML format, of one thousand of places on Earth, Moon and Mars. For example, see the sky above the Spirit and Opportunity rovers. (5.5MB)

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SOLEX is a computer program modelling the N-body dynamics of the Solar System. Its hearth is a powerful numerical integrator, and the many additional functions make it a greatly flexible program, which at the same time is very simple to use and very powerful in its performances. It can just give aesthetic pleasure and help in identifying sky objects, or it can be used by an experienced researcher as a tool to investigate aspects of the solar system dynamics such impact probabilities and chaotic motion. This is a DOS program. (2.9MB)

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Night Vision is a "planetarium" program and will display the heavens from any location on earth. Viewing options allow the user to control which sky objects to display, which font to use, and manipulation of various star parameters. (3.1MB)

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A very basic star charting program. Several downloads needed.

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The Electric Astrolabe is a fully animated planetarium program in the form of a planispheric astrolabe. The singular advantage of the astrolabe display is that it shows the entire sky, both visible and invisible, on a single screen. The Electric Astrolabe can be set for any location and includes accurate positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets. (477KB)

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C2A (Computer Aided Astronomy) is a Planetarium software that allows you to build detailed views of stellar fields. An important objective of this software is to take into account the main catalogues available to professional and amateur astronomers in order to prepare observations on small fields as well as astrometry works. (35MB)

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OpenGL star chart / planetarium with very realistic graphics. 110,000 stars. All messier objects. All the major planets and visible moons. Animate the passing of night and day or Follow a planet, star or messier object's path over a few minutes to a few centuries. Realistic night and day colours. Free for non-commercial use. (3.3MB)

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Starcat is a viewer for the Bright Star, Hipparcos and Tycho star catalogs. The default catalog is the Bright Star Catalog with over 9000 stars. The Hipparcos catalog contains over 100,000 stars (above) and the Tycho catalog over 1,000,000 stars. StarCats is a visualization tool for these catalogs which also gives direct access to the catalog record data for any star by pointing and clicking. (396KB)

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Shows the brightest stars, planets and moon. (1.8MB)

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Solar System 3D Simulator generates a realistic solar system model and planets in 3 Dimensions on the PC using advanced physics formulas. It can display the planets and their orbits, the sun and the moon. The nine planets including planet earth and their detailed physical & chemical information and image pictures is also displayed including solar power, solar energy and solar eclipse details. The graphical output is in high-resolution 3D full color format and the orbit view can be adjusted and the orbits tilted & rotated to any angle. (5MB)

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Astronomical software that produces accurate maps of the sky in five types of projections. Other catalogs to expand the program can be found at the home page. (950KB)

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A complete view of the night sky with twinkling stars. (2.7MB)

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The main aim is the construction of powerful sky maps and lists of deep sky objects, to be studied in our deep sky observing sessions. It also implements a library, telescope control, ephemerid facilities, prediction of visibility, overlaying facilities, annotations, and more auxiliary tools for the deep sky observer. Add-ons and updates available at author's homepage. (30MB)

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The program is for everyone who wants to know how to identify constellations and other space objects: stars, galaxies, nebulas, planets. (3MB)

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Aciqra is a virtual sky simulation program capable of tracking 120,000 stars, the 8 planets, deep sky objects, the sun and moon, and minor bodies from anywhere on Earth at any given moment. (5MB)

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The Touring the Universe Through Binoculars Star Atlas (TUBA, for short) is the only star atlas designed specifically for use with binoculars. Conceived by Dean Williams of Cabot, Arkansas, the atlas plots all of the objects listed in the book plus shows stars to 11th magnitude, a reasonable limit for giant binoculars. (6MB)

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