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This is not really a survey but a scientific study to determine a person's I.Q. through simple means.
The answers are at the end of the page, so you may get an accurate sense of your I.Q.


When rush suggested that Ronald Reagan's head belonged on

MT. Rushmore, he meant......

A. Before Reagan was finished with it

B. That Reagan was a Rockhead

C. Rush didn't know what he meant

D. All of the above


Rush Limbaugh's open lines friday means...

A. He will dictate the topic to be discussed

B. He will do a 3 hour monologue

C. He doesn't know what it means

D. All of the above


When Rush suggests his buddy Newt is ethical and has good

family values he meant...

A. When Newt dumped his first wife

B. When Newt shook hands with Clinton in N.H. and promised campaign finance reform

C. When Newt pleaded guilty to ethics charges

D. When Newt promised term limits; then when he and his buddies got re-elected Newt said  ' never mind we don't need them now '

E. All of the above


Is Rush (No wit)...

A. The dumbest person in America

B. The second dumbest person in America

C. More ignorant than O.J. is guilty

D. All of the above


When Rush says you get the truth on his program, that is equivalent to....

A. The check is in the mail

B. Clinton claiming he didn't inhale

C. O.J. saying he didn't beat his wife

D. All of the above


When Rush whines on and on about bias in the media, he is referring to....

A. Himself

B. His callers

C. Himself

D. All of the above

The final question is true or false, so you have a 50/50 chance
(education is in such bad shape I needed an easy one to help scale the scores to a more reasonable level)

True or false? Does the following accurately reflect the profile of one of Limbaugh's listeners?

A person whose back yard is half toxic waste dump and half rusty car graveyard. Someone who drives an old beat up pickup truck, with a dead deer strapped to the hood; who looks like someone who was thrown off the set of 'deliverance'; who listens to Rush on an old tube radio in the basement, draped in the flag, with a bible in one hand and an AK 47 in the other.

(with apologies to my english teachers for what they used to call run-on sentences)

The answers.....

The I.Q. of the individual is measured with a 50 million dollar
IBM supercomputer using the most sophisticated artificial
intelligence algorithms currently devised.

If you answered all the questions correctly you are considered to have above normal I.Q. The limited number of questions precludes further refinement (sorry).

If you missed even one of the questions, I'm sorry but the 50 million dollar supercomputer has approximated your I.Q. as lying somewhere between a horse's rump and what comes out of it. Again the limited number of questions precludes further refinement.

This survey copyright© 1997-2012 Alan Sawicki.