Shareware - is software that is meant to be used on a trial basis. If you decide to keep using it, then you should register (pay for) it. My own site is devoted to freeware. No payment is required for using this software. Visit Only freeware. I've listed some important links for those who would like to try the shareware concept.

  1. Jumbo shareware a large list.
  2. shareware One of the oldest.
  3. ZDnet software library Demos too.
  4. Tucows shareware lots of categories.

This was not meant to be a complete listing. It is just to give a few suggestions for those who want a little more choices than freeware may offer.
Shareware is rather unique. I have tried some shareware myself before
doing my freeware site. I decided that in most cases freeware is just as
good. Shareware has the advantage of being available under a wider
variety of topics.